Build 5-minute Computer Tutorials with Screenr

Writing documentation or demonstrating the same task on the computer multiple times can be tedious. The next time you’re doing it, fire up Screenr to capture your screen and narrate with your voice as you go. You get 5 minutes to record, which may seem short, but having used it many times, I can say the 5-minute limit is a benefit for many reasons.

First and foremost, you can keep your audience’s attention when you stay under 5 minutes.

Second, it ...

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Antivirus Protection

Vandertech recommends running an antivirus at all times on your computer, whether it is Mac or PC. Good antivirus software will be loaded upon system start-up – sometimes even prior to the operating system starting – usually tucking itself in the system tray in either the top right or bottom right corner of the screen. You know it’s there because there will be a little icon.

Most new computers come with some type of factory-installed antivirus. Typical providers are MacAfee and ...

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