Hamburger Menu: a must-know term for website owners

Hamburger icon/menu or burger icon/menu are terms you need to know going into 2016. The hamburger menu is the little triple-line button (see image at right) which we’ve been seeing in mobile apps and on responsive websites, but we’re starting to see it used even on desktop sites lately.

You need to know it for 2 reasons. First, if you’re looking at your website on a mobile device, you need to know that this is probably where your top navigation is – you ...

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Make Your Next Laptop a Chromebook, Part 3

In the part 2 of this series, we looked at some of the ways you can move into the cloud for email and word processing. This week, we’re going to look at more amazing things you can do with a chromebook including using your other computers through the chomebook and additional features of the Google suite of apps.

Remote Desktop – Run desktop apps from your chromebook

Chrome Remote Desktop is an app you’ll want to grab from the chrome web store right away if ...

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Make Your Next Laptop a Chromebook, Part 2

In the last part of this series, I’d talked about the big picture about why Chromebooks are the way to go for most people who need to get online and work or communicate. At the same time, I know it’s difficult to part ways with some of the apps we’ve grown accustomed to over the years. In this installment, we’ll look at the Chrome OS way of handling email and word processing, and how switching could save you a lot of time ...

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