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Vandertech, LLC provides IT services to home users on up to enterprise level companies. We specialize in understanding you so that we can deliver the right service.

For home users, we can set up internet and a wireless network, sync your mobile devices and tablets to your desktops, clean up after a device has been infected by malware, or even set up specialized sound systems utilizing the latest technology. When it’s time to upgrade or buy new, call us. We’re here to help and to do the job right.

Companies trust Vandertech because we’ve been delivering personal, timely, affordable IT support for 15 years. When systems fail, productivity suffers. You need support which is familiar with your business and infrastructure. You need fast solutions.That’s where we come in.

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Meet the Team

Chris Vander Wiede



Chris Vander Wiede has been providing IT support since he was a teenager.  Growing up in the 80’s in a family where technology was adored and computers were prevalent, it was a perfect place for him to develop his skills.  His earliest “service calls” were off a school bus to teach peers how to use their computers for word processing and gaming.  The service calls were a result of his father encouraging Chris to help family friends learn to use the new machines they were  buying as family computers.   Chris grew up in a household were his father would have customers calling the home for tech support and Chris quickly learned how to walk customers through computer situations over the phone, when his dad was not available.
Only naturally the support calls turned into onsite services that Chris provided while earning his undergraduate and graduate degrees.  With a BS in Computer Science and a Masters in Business Administration, Chris uses the business skills learned blended with his technical background to help customers achieve their business goals through the strategic use of technology.  While continuing his studies, Chris formed Vandertech LLC to meet the demands of the referrals he was gaining from customers and building his client base.  Since 2001 Chris has run Vandertech out of the Guilford, CT office location which is appropriate as he grew up in Guilford and currently resides in Madison, only a stones throw away.
The advantage Chris had learning on early DOS based systems and witnessing the growth of the computer and IT industry is the availability to learn the technology as it becomes available and grow with it.  Chris prides himself on being able to support everything from single user households up to companies with hundreds of users.  Chris’s motto is that if it plugs in, he can fix it, or knows someone who can.  Always looking for new challenges to overcome and re-inventing processes or methods of achieving business goals, Chris loves to think analytically about how to make technology work.

James Revillini

Website Development/IT Support


Jimmy began developing websites in 1996 at the age of 16. In 1999, he was hired by Tunxis Community College to assist in developing their web presence, and he continues as webmaster of the site to this day. Jimmy joined with Vandertech in 2013 performing IT support. As lead developer, he brings 19 years of website and web app development expertise to the table.

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