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Vandertech recommends running an antivirus at all times on your computer, whether it is Mac or PC. Good antivirus software will be loaded upon system start-up – sometimes even prior to the operating system starting – usually tucking itself in the system tray in either the top right or bottom right corner of the screen. You know it’s there because there will be a little icon.

Most new computers come with some type of factory-installed antivirus. Typical providers are MacAfee and Norton – they are the “big boys” in the antivirus protection industry. But bigger doesn’t always mean better. Smaller antivirus companies, like Avast! and AVG, are – in our opinion – more agile, adapting to new threats and updating their virus definition databases as well as the protection engines that run on your computer to provide real-time threat control.

The other issue with factory-installed antivirus is that it is oftentimes trialware – software that is free for a limited amount of time but eventually begins prompting you to pay to continue protection. This can be confusing and even get in the way of your daily computer tasks by nagging you for action with popups and warnings. In the worst case, if you don’t take action to purchase a license, your protection may end, exposing you to virus, spyware, adware – in short, malware infection.

Here are some things to watch out for and some tips from our years of experience in antivirus services.

  • The computer runs very slowly, especially at boot time. We see this a lot with Norton Antivirus. Possible solution: remove the antivirus software that is slowing things down and replace with Avast! or Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • MacAfee/Norton is nagging you to purchase extended support. Recommendation: do some price shopping. They are huge companies with lots of overhead. There are free solutions and pay solutions which may be better choices.
  • The computer is reporting that it has cleaned up an infection regularly. Your computer shouldn’t be getting infected regularly. There may be an underlying issue that your current protection is not catching. Call 203.458.8299 for support.

Vandertech Antivirus Service is happy to consult or assist in any issues or concerns about your system and data protection. Call 203.458.8299 or submit a support ticket.

Remember, viruses and spyware are no joke. With all that we do on computers today, your identity data, financial information, email and social accounts, photos, and possibly your livelihood are at risk. Vandertech takes this very seriously and provides responsive support to individuals and businesses. We not only remove, but diagnose the issue if we can, so you can learn how to better protect yourself in the future.


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