Build 5-minute Computer Tutorials with Screenr

Writing documentation or demonstrating the same task on the computer multiple times can be tedious. The next time you’re doing it, fire up Screenr to capture your screen and narrate with your voice as you go. You get 5 minutes to record, which may seem short, but having used it many times, I can say the 5-minute limit is a benefit for many reasons.

First and foremost, you can keep your audience’s attention when you stay under 5 minutes.

Second, it will make you break your topics into chunks, so your learners can learn at a speed that is right for them and at convenient times (e.g. lunch break).

Third, it stops you from showing off. If you’re teaching something, you’re an expert at it. And experts like to talk about the stuff they know! Well, you can still do that at the water cooler, but your how-to video will stay lean and get your audience from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ without the fluff.

The best thing about using Screenr is that they do the hosting, just like YouTube, and you can easily tweet your video link. Screenr videos are accessible to any device – PC, Mac, iPad, Android, or Chromebook. As a publisher, there is nothing to install except possibly the Java plugin.

Vandertech uses Screenr to create quick tutorials on desktop software or even websites we’re creating. We know your business will grow and change over time, so we want you to be able to refer back to these when it’s time to refresh or as your team grows. If you would like us to build tutorials for your business or team, give us a call. We can create short screencasts using Screenr, and we also have other tools for creating comprehensive documentation, video training, and skill assessment for your team.

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