Website Services

  • How much does a website cost?

    Buying a website is like buying a car – there are many options available. A bare-bones, no-power-windows website could could as little as $1199.00, but there are certain “luxuries” on sites that we have come to expect which add labor and materials costs. See our Website Services page for more information.

  • What is web hosting?

    Web hosting is akin to leasing a physical lot of land. The website is the house that is built on the leased land.

  • How much is website hosting?

    We charge as little as $8/mo. for website hosting. Larger sites or sites which expect more traffic may cost more.

  • What is registration?

    Website registration is like registering your house’s address with the town – the only difference is that there is an annual fee. Your website is the house, but no one can get to that house without knowing the address. In the case of website, the address would be something like

    One more thing: you don’t need to have a website to register a domain! We can do this at any time, so you lock in the domain name you want. You can even get email addresses such as as soon as it is registered. See our Website Services page for more information.

  • How much does registration cost?

    We charge $20 annually for website registration. While there are companies who charge less (and you may use them if you like), we include in that fee the support service we provide in case you ever need to make changes to the registration. Website experts may feel totally confident modifying DNS records or changing nameservers. That is why we do not force you to register your website through Vandertech. But if you are not comfortable with these terms and want us to support your website completely, we are willing and able.

IT Support

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    We are building this section. Please excuse the dust while we renovate.

  • Can my email be

    Yes! If you already have a website, you’re halfway there. But even if you don’t have a site, we can register a domain for you and set up email boxes on that domain. See our Website Services page for more information.

Common Issues

  • The computer froze (it is unresponsive)

    Wait 10 minutes – stretch, grab a coffee. If the computer is unresponsive when you return, you can power it off (note: you may lose unsaved work) by holding the power button down for 5-10 seconds. Wait 5 seconds, then power the computer back on.

  • The computer keeps freezing

    If the computer keeps freezing at the same time or when you’re trying to perform a specific task, grab a pen. Power off the computer. Turn it back on. Note down anything that seems odd. Do what you were doing when it last froze, noting down every step. When you have made it freeze again and noted everything, stop. Get in touch with us. We may be able to solve your problem over the phone in minutes.

  • Popups, warnings, errors

    If you have recently noticed popups indicating infection, advertising products, or warning you of errors, malware could be the culprit. Note down the information in the popup. Use these terms in a Google search. If the top results suggest a scam or hoax, you might have an infection. In that case, do not follow any of the advice in the popups – the best recourse is to call on us.

Something we didn’t cover?

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