In today’s electronically driven world, running a computer without adequate antivirus or anti-adware protection is akin to leaving your doors unlocked or your wallet on a public bus. Your data, financial information, privacy, photos, and identity are at stake.

There are many products available to help you, but the right combination which will safeguard you without encumbering your operating system, unnecessarily slowing it down, can be a difficult balance to find.

Vandertech considers all factors in selecting the best antivirus protection for you and your devices. We service home users and businesses, taking the guesswork out of the equation, instead applying years of experience to arrive at the best solution.

Antivirus FAQ

  • I’m running Mac OSX – I’m safe, right?

    While Mac is arguably less prone to viral infection, the risk is only lessened, not eliminated, so we still recommend having antivirus protection. We can help you select, install, and configure antivirus on your Mac.

  • Popups, warnings, errors

    If you have recently noticed popups indicating infection, advertising products, or warning you of errors, malware could be the culprit. Note down the information in the popup. Use these terms in a Google search. If the top results suggest a scam or hoax, you might have an infection. In that case, do not follow any of the advice in the popups – the best recourse is to call on us.

  • Aren’t antivirus programs free?

    There are several free products that you can install, but choosing the right antivirus, especially if your system is already compromised, can be very tricky. In addition, users of compromised systems should take a number of additional measures to ensure they are not reinfected and that their accounts have not been compromised. Schedule a consultation with us to learn about your options.

  • Do I need real-time protection?

    We suggest enabling real-time protection. This means that files and incoming connections are scanned as they occur. This reduces the chance of being infected and is considered preventative protection. The down-side is that it can impact system performance. There are often a number of configuration options which Vandertech would set to balance optimal performance with security, and we choose different options based on individual circumstances. Call us if you have questions or to schedule a consultation.

  • Which antivirus software do you recommend?

    Depending on your situation, a combination of software and measures may be necessary to clean your system and ensure ongoing protection. This list is only for reference. Please contact us for support in using these to protect your computer(s).

    • Alwil
    • Avast
    • AVG
    • Antimalwarebytes
    • Super Anti-Spyware
    • Microsoft Security Essentials