Home Internet

There are 2 main types of home internet service that are popular today: cable and DSL. There is also fiber, but this emerging technology is still not yet available to most homes due to lack of infrastructure in CT. Cable is typically a service offered by your cable television provider. DSL is typically a service offered by your telephone company.

Vandertech can help you select, install, and configure your home computers and devices to use a broadband internet connection from your provider. Remember, it’s not just your desktop that needs to connect – telephones, stereo systems, iPad/tablets, music players, televisions, Apple Airplay, AppleTV, and gaming consoles must also be connected to take full advantage of their features.

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Internet for Business

Choosing the right internet service for your business must take into account a number of factors – number of employees, daily tasksrequiring an internet connection, whether your business will have a“wireless lounge” for your clients, data backup method … the list goes on and on.
Beyond that, companies usually employ a firewall service to restrict usage of internet resources to work-related websites to keep productivity up and eliminate security risks.

Vandertech is well-versed in these technologies and has been a premier IT service provider in CT for over 10 years. We strive to understand your business first and base our technology recommendations on your mission and needs.
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Vandertech can set up personal or group training on usage of the internet, email, social networks, cloud services, and other online resources so you can get the most out of your online experience.

We cover topics such as:

  • How do I avoid getting SPAM?
  • What is “the cloud?”
  • How do I share pictures with my family?
  • I have a Facebook account. Do I need Google+?
  • Why should I get a GMail account? What are the advantages over my comcast.net or sbcglobal.com account?
  • How can I prepare taxes online?
  • And many more.

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