Marine Devices & Technology

Vandertech-MarineĀ  LLC works with boat owners and charter companies to create customized solutions to onboard electronics, communications, navigation and entertainment systems. We specialize in providing Small Yachts Professional solutions. We will design the system that best meets your needs, with the highest degree of functionality at a fair and reasonable cost.

We provide:

  • Communication systems from ham radio to wireless internet
  • Interfaced GPS and Mapping Navigation Systems
  • Safety Communications including SSB and VHF with DSC capabilities
  • Assistance in selecting electronic equipment
  • System setup, configuration, and support
  • Troubleshooting and optimizing existing system

You receive:

  • Training in file and print sharing
  • Expert installation
  • Guidance for DIY installations
  • Increased functionality of existing systems

Let Vandertech-Marine, LLC configure an optimal solution for your particular needs.

We are authorized resellers for an expanding group of Marine Technologies. Ask about specific systems.

Vandertech-Marine specializes in

  • Marine Navigation Systems
    • GPS; Mapping and PC interfaced
    • Radar; Standalone or part of integrated systems
    • Chart-plotters, both standalone and PC based
    • PC Navigation and software
  • Marine Communications Systems
    • SSB, Ham Radios, Modems and Long Range Email and Weather Systems
    • Satellite Phones
    • EMAIL and Internet Services
    • Wireless Internet access with ranges over a mile
  • Safety at Sea Electronics Systems
    • Weather data receiver systems
    • EPIRBs
    • Collision Avoidance Systems
    • Automatic Identification Systems Transponders
  • Marine Entertainment Systems
    • Marine Stereo
    • Satellite Radio
    • Satellite TV

Services Available

  • Installation
  • Planning and system design
  • Interfacing
  • Repair of existing systems

Products available for sale and/or installation

  • Communications
    • ICOM radios, SSB and VHF
    • Global star and Iridium Satellite Phones
  • Navigation
    • Ray Marine
    • Garmin
  • Safety Electronics
    • Milltech AIS
  • Entertainment Systems
    • Sony
    • Jensen Marine
    • Bose
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