Vandertech, LLC can install a wired, wireless, or hybrid network in your home, small business, or corporate office. We will design the network that best meets your needs, with a focus on versatility, compatibility, speed, and security. Call today for a consultation.
We provide:

  • Wired, wireless, or hybrid network installation and configuration
  • Voice/Telephone integration with cable or wireless networks
  • Configuration of printer sharing and wireless printing
  • Entertainment system integration (Wii, TV, Blue-ray, Apple TV, Apple Airplay, Roku, and other device connectivity)
  • LAN pre-wire in new construction
  • Assistance in selecting and configuring an internet service provider over cable, DSL, T1, or Fiber
  • Server setup, configuration, and support
  • Device synchronization, data backup, and protection services

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Home/Home Office Networking

Home networking has gotten tricky. We utilize many devices each day which have the ability be networked, including printers, televisions, Blue-ray players, Nintendo Wii, iPhone, iPad/tablets, Roku boxes, Apple TV, Apple Airplay, and stereo systems of all brands … the list is endless.

Vandertech will work with you to get all of these devices talking to each other, get the wires out of the way, and keep everything secure by configuring the optimal protection for your network.

Business Networks

Vandertech specializes in setting up business networks that are reliable, secure, and convenient to use. Depending on your type of business, wired, wireless, or both may be recommended. Beyond that, you may have need for both public and private networks – we are here to advise you on the most appropriate setup and equipment, and we handle installation and configuration of all devices and systems.
In addition to designing new networks, we can also add value to and cut costs for existing networks, providing:

  • system-wide software solutions for office and antivirus applications,
  • communication with devices at remote locations,
  • email, file, print, and fax server installation,
  • voice over IP (VoIP) solutions which integrates your phone system with your network,
  • firewall security,
  • video surveillance systems
  • apps that help you go paperless.

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