Voice over IP (VoIP) technology enables you to use a telephone without traditional telephone service. Instead, the telephone, or telephone system, leverages the internet connection to place calls.
The advantages to this are:

  • money savings – it eliminates the need for traditional telephone service, which can be especially costly in a business with multiple lines;
  • scalability – easier expansion of lines and phones;
  • less wiring – we can even leverage the wireless network!

If you are starting a new business, renovating an existing business, or looking to streamline the phone system of your business, call Vandertech for free consultation at 203.458.8299, or submit an inquiry.

FortiVoice VoIP Solutions

Vandertech is a CT reseller for FortiVoice for business VoIP telephone systems. Voicemail,  auto attendants, dial-by-name directory, ring groups, and multi-location integration are just some of the amazing features of these systems.
Want to add mobile phones to the equation? No problem. Take your business line where you go!
Need a lightweight cordless for the office? VoIP systems do not have to be desktop devices and we have a number of cordless units for you to choose from.

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Teleconference Ideas

  • Teleconferencing for free with Skype

    Skype is a great way to do teleconferencing for business or fun on the cheap. It’s a free download and as long as both parties are equipped with at least a microphone and speakers, you can voice chat and send notes via text chat. If one or more parties have webcams, you can transmit video for a more personal connection.

    If you want to learn more about using Skype with your computer, phone, or tablet, call on Vandertech! We can set up your devices and conduct training.

  • Using join.me to share screens

    Vandertech uses http://join.me all the time to remotely trouble shoot issues. No account is required. The easiest thing to do to share screens with a remote colleague, or to assist them from your computer, is to call them,have them load the join.me website, and then have them start a meeting. They will get a code that they can give to you over the phone, and now you can see their screen. You can also request mouse control to be able to control their computer.

    If you would like help using join.me, give us a call.

  • FaceTime with iPhones

    If you and a colleague have iPhones, try FaceTime! It’s as easy to use as making a call, but it uses your iPhone camera and the speakerphone or BlueTooth headset for voice communication.
    Want to try it out? Make an appointment with Vandertech and we’ll set aside time to do a test FaceTime conversation with you.