Your website is your 24/7 online rep.

It’s your calling card & your support hub.

In many cases, your website is the first point of contact between you and your clients.

Vandertech takes a personalized approach to building your site, beginning with understanding you and all that encompasses your business. This is important. If your website developer does not grasp the mission of the company, the goals of the management, or the client interaction, the site will reflect this. We achieve comprehensive understanding through an initial survey of your business, which we can do on the phone or on site.

We work with you to understand the message we need to communicate to users worldwide, and to develop content that conveys this in a consumer-friendly way.



We learn about your business and clients and create a presentation model for your information.


Our design process involves working with you to select a cohesive look & feel that integrates content and function.


Your site is built using rock-solid principles so the end result will work on modern devices and platforms.


We offer full-service support for new and existing sites to ensure performance, security, and reliability.

Website FAQ

  • How much is this going to cost?

    This is often the first question that we get. The simple answer is that it is different for every client.

    A minimal base figure for a simple site is around $1,200. Just like in car shopping, the options make a difference. In website development, there is much to consider:

    • Amount and complexity of content
    • Social media (e.g. Facebook, Google+, Twitter) integration
    • Website statistics – accurate, reliable, and understandable website usage data
    • Online support – forms and forums are some of the ways your clients can get in touch for service

    The list above only covers a fraction of the options we consider in putting together a website quote. The bottom line is that our free consultation with you will cover all aspects of modern web design, and your detailed quote will itemize the cost breakdown.

    We can always tweak to fit your budget. There are ways to do this without sacrificing functionality. Ask us about installment plans and phased deployment options.

    Call us at 203.458.8299 or submit an inquiry using the form provided. The consultation and quote is free, and you will learn a lot about the website development process as we go – knowledge which never expires.

  • Wordpress – Isn’t that for blogs?

    WordPress started as a blogging platform in 2003. Over the years it has matured to a CMS with over 60,000 users and is estimated to be the backbone of one-sixth of all websites globally.

    There are many reasons we’ve chosen to build our sites using WordPress. Get in touch – we’re happy to talk with you about the benefits of using this platform and your website.

  • All WordPress websites look the same.

    With literally thousands of themes to choose from, every WP site can be unique when you employ the right service provider. Any design house can crank out cookie-cutter WP sites. Vandertech custom-tailors the site, so it is as unique and wonderful as you are.

  • Wordpress is insecure.

    The data just doesn’t support this claim. Furthermore, if it was insecure, it wouldn’t be used by recognized names such as The New York TimesLinkedInPeople magazine, and even Snoop Dogg.

    The fact is that websites can be hacked. Period.

    Vandertech limits your exposure to threats by utilizing targeted antivirus/malware scanning as well as firewalls which actively blacklist rogue IP addresses.

  • Using a CMS is overkill – my site is simple

    While your site may be simple, making changes to a traditional, HTML-based site is beyond the skill level of most users. Even for a seasoned web-professional, updating a site built on a content management system is a simpler task, saving you money and labor in the long run.

    CMS’s also use templates and styling which gives a consistent look and feel to your pages, while allowing you to layout content in a visually pleasing way that your clients will appreciate.

    And finally, even simple websites should benefit from modern conveniences: contact forms, your twitter feed, image optimization. The WordPress platform allows us to easily integrate these features without putting you over budget.

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